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The Different Logo Types


A brand’s identity, target audience, application needs will determine what kind of logotype(s) they will need. Let’s discuss the different types and the benefits & uses for each. The 4 main logotypes are:

  • Combination Mark
  • Letter Mark
  • Word Mark 
  • Symbol Mark

A lettermark is a logotype that is text-based and uses the initials of the business name to represent the brand. The benefit of a lettermark logotype is its simplicity, especially if you have a longer business name. If you are able to use just the initials, it makes it easier for customers to recall your business and your logo.

Examples of well-known lettermark logotypes

A wordmark is a purely text-based logotype stating your business name. There are many benefits to using this type of logo. Especially for smaller or start-up businesses, it gets your name out there and is very versatile in its usability. Wordmarks are relatively easy to scale bigger or smaller and adapt to any application needs. By customizing a wordmark you have a greater chance of creating something completely unique and not overused. Wordmarks also are relatively timeless when it comes to all the design trends that come and go so fast.

Examples of well-known wordmark logotypes

A symbol mark logotype is a complete picture-based symbol or icon that embodies and reflects the brand identity of a business. Graphics are a universal language so a symbol mark can speak to people all over the world and bypass the language barrier. Generally, the more simple your symbol mark can be and still embody all the key aspects of your brand, the more successful it will be when used in various applications. It should not rely solely on color to create its impact because it should be translatable to black, white, and greyscale whenever needed. This ensures your symbol mark will have the desired impact on all applications.

Examples of well-known symbol mark logotypes

A combination mark combines all the previously discussed logotypes above into one super logo. When done correctly, having a good combination mark can have a very positive on a business. It can do this by containing strong individual elements that all work together in harmony but can also perform exceptionally by themselves as the other logotypes. 

Examples of well-known combination mark logotypes

Ideally, a brand will have a logo concept that allows for the seamless creation of each logotype that can then be used on the necessary collateral. Each logotype should relate back to the overall initial theme or concept of the logo, they should all work in harmony together to effectively communicate your brands’ message/identity. However, not all logos will have all four of these components but no matter what direction you choose for your logo, always remember that it needs to be recognizable and unique.

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